Picking the correct memorial photo for a monument can be difficult for a customer that could be going through the difficult grieving process of the recently departed.

Some factors that we can help assist with this matter:

  • What style monument
  • Size availability
  • Would a custom porcelain picture be a better way a loved one can personalize their loved ones resting place?

These three questions can help simply determine what would work best.

A majority of monument companies are comfortable with the basic oval shapes.

They’re easy to install and give amble room for the monument builder to host their amazing yet challenging designs.

On another note, the porcelain pictures we can offer can provide vibrant colors to any monument.

The difference between the porcelain pictures and laser or etching can be seen in as early as several months to a year. Depending on which region of the country you live, lets take for example the large calcium build up in the south east.

The environmental conditions that weather the etchings and laser etchings of visual implications of the calcium carbonate that builds up and covers or fades these art works.

Unlike the porcelain pictures, to include the grand panels these pictures can be merely wiped with a cloth to remove any weathering or debris left behind from mother nature.

Other companies use a sublimation process for their porcelain pictures or discounted way of printing decals on porcelains that just don’t hold the colors or last nearly as long as Porcelains Unlimited unique process includes.

Custom Design Porcelain Memorial


Offering a custom design is exclusively done with Porcelains Unlimited and can be shared with the customer to create a art piece to reflect their character.

A large fish that can be custom cut to golf course green with the 19th hole flag can be designed specifically to your customer needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. You may reach us at (866) 620-4460 or at info@porcelainsunlimited.com. A catalog, sample and price catalogue can be sent out by request.