Cremation urns provide a way for family members of the deceased to commemorate them without giving them a traditional burial.

Cremation, in general, is considered more economical than a traditional burial, and it also provides families more options in honoring the wishes of their deceased loved one.

Cremation urns come in many shapes, styles, qualities and elaborateness; they’re also made from many different materials, including ceramic, glass, steel, nature stone and biodegradable materials like coconut shell and compacted peat.

How Can I Select A Cremation Urn For Ashes?

If you’re planning to select a cremation urn for a loved one’s ashes, several factors will eventually come into play. Of course, you shouldn’t rush into any decisions about your loved one’s cremation urn too fast.

Selecting and purchasing a cremation urn is considered one of the last ‘acts of love’ you can do for a loved one. Since the urn holds their remains, it really is their sacred vessel.

That alone makes it difficult for many people to find the perfect cremation urn for their loved one.

Most people try to find a cremation urn that matches the tastes of their loved one. Whether it fits their sense of style or artistic preferences, anyone shopping for a cremation urn always tries to find something that best reminds them of their loved one.

And, even though it’s important to mind your budget, nothing’s stopping you from buying the urn that feels like ‘the one.’

Why do cremation urns for ashes have different sizes?

Cremation urns have different sizes for many reasons. The most common cremation urn is best known as an individual-sized urn, designed to hold the ashes of one person.

The Cremation Association of North America set the industry standard of about 6.8 pints (about 200 cubic inches) for this urn’s total capacity.

Sometimes, multiple family members want to hold their loved one’s ashes. To accommodate them, the ashes often get split into ‘sharing urns.’ Sharing urns generally vary in size (at least 50 to 100 cubic inches or 1.7 to 3.4 pints) and come in many colors and styles.

These urns are also large enough to hold the ashes of pets and infants.

Keepsake urns hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes.

They’re usually used to disperse the ashes among the family and, sometimes, friends of the deceased loved one. These urns are best suited for the deceased in cases where they requested themselves (before their passing) to have their ashes distributed among their family and friends. Another type of keepsake urn, jewelry urns, are designed to be kept as jewelry keepsakes.

They’re small enough for a small portion of ashes to be stored in a pendant, which is then worn around the neck as a keepsake.

Urns typically need as much as 1 cubic inch of space for every pound of a deceased person’s total weight. Using those measurements, you can pretty much find an urn to fit any type of person.

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