Is there a replacement warranty?

YES, there is a 100% free unconditional warranty. All we need is the invoice number to reproduce your picture file.

What is the turnaround time?

Our general turnaround time is between 8 – 12 days. As a general rule, if the order and proof is approved by Wednesday then it is safe to assume the order will ship out the following Wednesday.

How do I place an order?

Several options are available for ordering. First, a online order site is perfect for customers view, order, upload pictures, track, drop ship and view history. Secondly, email option is available to be sent to Customer should include photo and important order information to include Size, Color, View Format, Border Option, Ship To and Bill to Address. Thirdly, use our order form on the last page of our catalog.

Are there additional charges for photo editing?

No, we provide our complimentary service for all photo editing and photo restoration.

Can objects or persons be removed from photos?

Absolutely, any alterations can be made to your photos. A proof can be sent for approval.

What if there are many people in a photo? Can you take people out of large groups to make a single porcelain photo?

Yes, not a problem. We do all photo editing and restoration services free of charge.

What are the requirements for emailed or scanned pictures?

For optimal quality of photos, we would prefer 300 DPI resolution or better.

Can I send the original photo?

Yes, original photos are always better than a copy. Rest assured all photos are returned with receipt of orders.

Can tape be place on the back of porcelains for installation?

Even better, we provide 3M VHB tape which acts as an adhesive. The 3M VHB tape adheres similar to epoxy. We add the 3M tape complimentary if requested.

What does Porcelains Unlimited Guarantee cover?

Porcelains Unlimited stands behind the best guarantee in the business. A 100% No Questions Asked full replacement guarantee for no less than 200 years. If it’s broken, stolen, vandalized, it doesn’t matter the cause. Let us know and we’ll take amazing care of you and your clients.

How To Create a New Porcelains Unlimited Dealer Account: