About Us

Dear Friend,

In this business, caring for our clients is the most important thing we do. Our Clients are grieving and vulnerable, and the services and care we offer them is more than just a business.

Each family wants to create a certain remembrance of their departed, and our clients’ needs are as diverse as they are important.

We didn’t invent the Porcelain Photograph, but we like to think we’ve perfected it. No other company is able to offer you the stunning variety of colors, shapes and designs that Porcelain Unlimited offers.

Why You Should Partner With Porcelains Unlimited:

  • All our Memorials and Urns feature what some have called the Finest Grade Italian Porcelain
  • Our Industry Leading photo enhancement and restoration process means that we can eliminate any photo defects, and provide unsurpassed color quality
  • We offer some of the Brightest, most Accurate, Longest Lasting Colors. They’re Guaranteed to never fade, scratch, or lose their Brilliance
  • All Porcelain products are hand crafted with pride and triple-inspected to ensure that your remembrance is perfect.
  • Each Porcelain Remembrance comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Our Proprietary Process allows us to offer a 200 Year Warranty. If it’s broken, stolen, vandalized, or anything else, we provide a 100% No Questions Asked Replacement. And we pay for the shipping!
  • Our normal turn-around time for an order is 8-10 days. And if there is an emergency, we can use expedited shipping to ensure it gets there on time
  • We offer Free Shipping and 8-10 day turnaround on most items
  • We can custom-make nearly anything, because you deserve to never have to tell your treasured client “sorry, we can’t do that for you…”

To Get Started, simply call us at (866) 620-4460. We can set you up with a wholesale account, and provide you with the catalogs you’ll need to help your clients order.

You will be able to provide your treasured clients with any kind of Beautiful, Long-Lasting Porcelain Remembrance that they can think of.

Plus, you will be able to experience from us the same level of care and service that you offer your clients.

Tanner Lewis

PS. You make yourself unforgettable to your clients by providing them with everything they need at their time of loss. They deserve a remembrance that lasts a lifetime. Contact Us today to learn how we can help you serve your clients with better quality products and faster delivery.